So you have decided to get married, now all you have to do is plan the wedding.

While we can’t help you with every aspect of your big day, we have put together a handy checklist of things to consider to make sure your wedding flowers look just right.

Time of year
Whether you’re getting married in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter the time of year that your wedding takes places will have a big impact on the type of flowers you can have.

You’ve probably got how your big day is going to look and run all mapped out in your head. When you speak with your potential florist, make sure you share all the information you have with them on the look and feel you’re going for.

Your Dress
One of the biggest parts of your wedding is choosing the right dress and it’s important that your flowers are in keeping with the design you go for. If you can, take a photo of your dress with you to the florist. This way it will be far easier for them to offer advice and share suggestions on complimenting flowers.

How big is your venue? is there a separate location for the reception? what’s the lighting like? are there any restrictions? do you need help setting up? How many guests are you having? These are all questions that your florist will need answered so make sure you go prepared.


Perhaps it’s an obvious one, but when you start putting together your overall wedding budget try and speak with a couple of different florists to get a ballpark figure of the floral costs involved.

If you are based in the Bristol area and would like to discuss wedding flowers for your big day give Flowers & Co a call. We have over 12 years’ floristry experience and are always happy to speak with soon to be brides.

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